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Tibet andesine (fake): Color Infused Mexican Feldspar

Creation or Treatment Method:Color Infused

Identification Tools Required: Magnification with immersion cell.

How to Identify:

Primary Test: This gemstone is a fake created by artificially infusing copper into large felspar crystals from Casa Grande, Mexico that have been imported into China. The easiest identification is through immersion cell and magnification. Natural copper-bearing Oregon Sunstone will have a red center color and greenish outer color due to oxidation of the copper. In the fake Tibet andesine, the colors are reversed with the green interior and red in the outer regions. This is not totally diagnostic as some of the fake stones will have no green or red color individually. There are websites set up by various members of the industry to help you with the information and identification of this gemstone listed below.


The Great Andesine Scam

Andesine: The True Story


Lotus Gemmology

Secondary Tests: Check with the above website to learn more on secondary testing and additional information. A photo of the fake Tibet andesine is shown below





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