Gemstone Treatment Reports

Spinel: Created Blue

Creation or Treatment Method: Flame Fusion

Identification Tools Required: Chelsea filter, diffraction grating spectroscope.

How to Identify:

Primary Test: The Chelsea filter will be diagnostic to confirm synthetic nature of this gemstone. The single refractive status and refractive index leave nothing else but spinel, and the strong red reaction due to cobalt coloring element will confirm the flame fusion source. 

Secondary Tests: The spectroscope will be a very diagnostic secondary test as the cobalt coloring element of flame fusion blue spinel will provide a very classic cobalt absorption spectrum in either the prism or diffraction grating. Between the Chelsea filter and spectroscope no flame fusion blue spinel should be mistaken for natural due to the extremely clear reactions

Repair and Setting: Based on this being a true synthetic spinel no special care is required other than would be used with a natural spinel. Not recommended for torch heating, but cleaning in ultrasonic should not be a problem.






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