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Ruby: Flame w/ Quench Crackle

Created or Treatment Method: Flame Fusion Ruby quench crackled to appear as flux melt.


Identification Tools Required: Magnification.


How to Identify:


Primary Test: The purpose of this stone is to make a cheap flame fusion synthetic ruby appear to be a more expensive flux melt synthetic ruby. Why? We really don’t know other than the treaters can get more money for a flux melt synthetic ruby than a flame fusion. What they have done is take a large and fairly cheap flame fusion ruby and heat / cool it to quench crackle the stone and create a spider web effect that is normally identified with the more expensive flux melt synthetic rubies. If you find yourself with what appears to be a very big flux melt ruby you will want to use the identification steps in the Flame Fusion Ruby page to see if you indeed have a flame fusion ruby that has been quench crackled. The difference in value can be significant even for a synthetic ruby.


Secondary Tests: None needed


Repair and Setting: Although this is a true lab grown ruby the same care cannot be taken as with natural ruby. The quench crackling process to create a flux melt appearance creates potentially extreme stresses in the stone that could cause the stone to break if subjected to heating of any type. Should be removed before any heat is applied. Cleaning in ultrasonic is not advised. Consumer should be informed of the condition and status of the stone before any repairs are attempted.




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