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The GTR is a unified research effort of many people throughout this industry and from around the world. This effort, begun in 2007, was started as a result of research by the International School of Gemology that exposed the undisclosed selling of diffusion treated andesine that was perpetrated on the markets for many years. This unified research effort was responsible for the identification and exposing of this andesine situation by a combined effort of grass roots gemologists, dealers and consumers. We are now the largest volume gemological research effort for identifying both treated gemstones and synthetic gemstones. We invite feedback, knowledge sharing, and reports of any gemstone treatment or new synthetic on the market by anyone interested in gemstones. A major source of our information is from dealers and consumers around the world. We welcome you to join us in this world wide grass roots effort to provide quality information to consumers and the industry.

This is a free internet based clearing house of information that is available to anyone in the world interested in learning more about and supporting the disclosure of gemstone treatments. These pages will provide you with quality information regarding the identification of gemstone treatments and lab created gemstones. An example page is available in the links at the top of this page.

This website is also the foundation for our Insurance Continuing Education course: Gemstone Treatment Report that has been certified by the Texas Department of Insurance.

Please note that all images are for the private reference of our members. We will actively deal with anyone found to be using our photographs without permission. Any use of these images must be approved in advance by the International School of Gemology and/or YourGemologist LLC.








About Us

The Gemstone Treatment Report is a free access reference and study site powered by the International School of Gemology for the benefit of consumers and the gemstone industry. To learn more about us we invite you to visit the International School of Gemology.


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